Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Somehow We Lost Control

Take a look at this country. It has begun to fall apart. We have become the very thing that caused us to have a revolution so long ago. We are over taxed for useless things (and we will discuss this subject more later.) How did we the people allow the government to become such a force that they no longer have to answer to us? We have become a country where the government no longer serves the people, but we serve the government. Where did our freedom go? How did it become that there are laws/rules about what you can do with the property that you own? You own the place, as long as it is not causing harm to people, who cares what your shed looks like, or what kind of siding you have. How is that that we became so lazy that we tell our government that illegal aliens are fine, because they do jobs to menial for us regular citizens to do? So back to the taxes for a minute. I am doing research to give a full report in a future article. But think about it. Some of your money is going towards finding the reason pigs stink. They lay around in their own waste. Is it so hard to figure out? Pigs smell, big deal, we don't need to know the reason why. When a person becomes elected to go to Capital Hill, they get an office. When they arrive they use your money to have it remodeled. Does that seem fair? When you get a new office do you get to use the people's money to fix it up how you want? The list is too long, and I will break it down later, but imagine paying for simple stuff with your hard earned money that is not necessary. Why do we not get a vote in the choice to raise taxes, and where our money goes? Welfare is a great program. It helps people in their time of need. But some people misuse the program because they choose not to work. I am not giving my money away for somebody to sit around and do drugs all day instead of trying to better their lives. We need to have mandatory drug testing, and some type of motivational tool for these people to get off their asses on into a working environment. I don't care if it is help pick up trash on the side of the road, cutting grass on highways, or helping to build a bridge...we have plenty of things for people to do for their welfare. And then there is the wars. I can kind of understand Afghanistan, after all they were over run with the Taliban who liked to do evil things. But Iraq proved to be a war full of lies. The people responsible need to be held accountable for their actions and tried for not only lying to the people, but for the deaths of American Soldiers who did not need to die. But we the people sit back and say, "Oh well, those things happen I guess." We need to realize we are in control of this country, and that the government, no matter which party has control, works for and answers to us. Changes need to be made, and they need to happen quickly. I am ranting here for sure and will try to provide detailed subjects every week. Please feel free to comment on this post, and to let me know of any ideas you may have for future articles.