Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Real Change Coming

I know I have been gone for a while, but I have been busy working the campaign trail for various candidates. In my absence, a lot has happened, and we are just going to fast forward to what is happening now.

Today is another "Super Tuesday." The Tea Party Express must be recognized as a powerful political action committee. Some tea party groups are too radical, but after you take them out of the equation you have a core of people that are quite impressive in holding rallies, raising funds, and most importantly, helping people win races. As I watch the news, I see more and more candidates, supported by the teas party, winning their primary elections. In some states record turnouts are occurring.

This is important because it shows that the American people have become fed up with being pushed around by their government. Not only are they attempting to throw out the guilty ones, but they are trying to bring in Washington outsiders to change the way our country does business. No longer is business as usual acceptable. In my state, Illinois, Senator Bill Brady is running a successful campaign for governor. A position filled by Governor Quinn upon the impeachment of Rod Blagojevich. Instead of seizing the opportunity to repair a damaged state, Quinn chose to continue with the backroom deals, spend money the state does not have, and then in the middle of a recession, ask to raise taxes by over 30%. As he takes the raises away from the everyday state employee, he turns around and gives his own political appointees large raises. I could rant about Quinn for days, but the bottom line is he has failed the people, and now he must go.

Bill Brady on the other hand promises to force the state to live within our means, trim the wasteful spending out of the state budget, and most importantly, run the state like a business. He understands that in order for the people, businesses, and the state to get back on track, real changes need to be made. Tough choices will need to be made to save our state. Senator Brady is a man who can do this with the voters best interests at heart. I encourage you to visit bradyforillinois.com and learn more about him, and to vote for him in November.

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