Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fine I Was a Little Harsh

My main goal is to always try to be fair without sacrificing my beliefs, opinions, or voice. As I reread my post on the Senator, I realize that maybe it was out of hand, and these were youthful indiscretions that he grew out of. Character flaws is what I will settle with. I am in a debate with a person who feels that Senator Kennedy was the last of his kind. Powerful, with his thoughts on the people at all times. Now I don't agree with this, and find that when a famous person passes, only the good, whether it is really there or not is seen. Look back at Michael Jackson. He changed the world for sure, but man was he screwed up. When he passed it enveloped the news way too long, and made the country look like fools to the rest of the world. After all, we have two wars going on, and we rarely mention it. While the country was busy talking about the pop icon, soldiers were dying, and our country was too busy to notice. But back to Kennedy. If he truly was so powerful and cared about the people so much, he should have done more. It's time we the people make a change.

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