Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Party, Party, Party!

Bust out your toga people and lets start a party. After my last post I got to thinking to myself that the only way to move our country forward in the right direction is to start a new party. The people we want in Washington to fix the problems and restore America to its rightful place are going to need to be held accountable somehow. If a candidate is a straight up independent then there will be no support system in Washington to help. Let's be honest with ourselves. If you are going to send fresh meat into the water full of sharks, support is going to be needed. Plus there has to be a way to raise and distribute donations for all the candidates. Unfortunately, to compete, you need cash. So in order to make sure what I wanted to do wasn't redundant, I hit the web to look at other parties. Some of them are so close to being right to me, and then they blow it. Others don't share enough information. If you can't be open and honest on your website, how will we every trust you? Most of them are just plain wrong. I did not visit the republicans and democrats websites, since we already know they are incompetent, and the point is to bring change...and not Obama's change. So let us begin with the audit of parties. Please note that there are so many parties out there that I didn't get to them all. Please feel free to refer to me to some that may be useful.

We will start with the Libertarian Party. They can be found at They say some good things. But I am not sure yet if they could be the "one." The believe in the heritage of liberty, enterprise, and personal responsibility. So far, so good. People should be free and independent; a system that encourages all people to choose what they want from life, that lets them live, love, work, play, and dream their own way. They are pro choice, and pro 2nd amendment rights. I myself am pro life, but I can see their point where its not the governments responsibility, but the individuals. Education should be handled locally, health care should not be government controlled. Their motto is for people to live and let live. They lose me at their system being a caring, people centered approach. I fear it would lead to more of our tax dollars going to people who can help themselves. I sent a message asking for clarity. We will see what they have to say. Overall, not bad. They are considered the nations "third largest party." So they already have a party base to work with. Could they help change America? They have also had members run for president for many years now. Most recently Bob Barr, who received over 500,000 votes. They need to branch out and get people on the ticket for all offices throughout the nation. Show use what you can do.

The Independence Party of America. The problem I have here is the term "mass appeal" used by their website. I can change myself to appeal to just about anyone, and so can you. That doesn't make you anymore honest or better than the ones we have right now. After all, that is what they do, morph to appeal to whoever they need to. They want to transform D.C. to root out waste, abuse, and mismanagement. But they don't give us enough information on their site to help us cast judgment to what type of party they would be. So impressed...I am not.

The Moderate Party. I like some of the things they have to say here. Allow civil unions? Sure it doesn't hurt me, you or anyone else. And if you think the homosexuals of the world are going to disappear because they can't "wed" your wrong. Pro choice is still hard for me, but this is about freedom, and the debate here will never be settled. It will be between God and the parties involved. Over all, this group seems to me to be a mix of the big two. I could be wrong. Their name reminds me, and probably you of the Republicans. The website leaves something to long for, as it is poorly built, and hurts my eyes with its colors. These people may have a future, but they need to work on some things as well.

The Marijuana Party, Website down. I posted this because it shows you just how funny America is. To me, smoke all the mary jane you want. I do not partake, as it would cost me my job, and I have enough things to waste my money on. I don't buy that it leads to the use of more extreme drugs they way they advertise. Some people sure, but not all. I know plenty of fully functional pot smoking rebels that are a benefit to society. Smoke if you got 'em. But seriously, you can lobby for the legalization of pot without forming a party dedicated to just that one area. Maybe it does make you a little dumber after all.

Objectionist Party. Pro life with the belief that you have the right to your own thoughts, property, and to protect yourself. That's all I can get from their site. So you don't get enough information from their site to make you feel safe about joining.

The American Party. Catchy title but there are two red flags that will stop people from supporting them. They are a Christian oriented group. I can't blame them, after all I believe Jesus is my savior and died on the cross for me. But you on the other hand may not. You may be Protestant, Catholic, or a Orthodox Jew. A dumb Scientologist, or a guy who bends spoons, a Buddhist, Hindu, or Atheist too. And lets not forget our nonviolent Alla loving Muslims. Only some of the above mentioned people will be allowed to enter the party. That restricts freedom of religion, and turns people away. Ever hear of separation of church and state? Also they have a section stating that anyone who enjoys the protection of government to bear his fair share of the burden. Sounds a little socialist to me.

The America First Party. Not such a catchy title. If they changed it to something better, they might start gaining some ground. But I like them. Pro life, pro 2nd amendment, and so much more that I couldn't possibly share it all in this post. They have great ideas, and are growing. I recommend when you have some time to kill, you go to their site. They will impress you, or not.

The Constitution Party. Now that's a name a person could get behind. Pro life, pro 2nd amendment, and giving the power back to the people. There is way too much information here to share as well. To sum it up, if it's not in the Constitution, it should not happen. I like it, and I will be reading more on them.

I could go on for hours. But I am stopping there. At the end of the day some of these parties need to be put out to the farm with the big 2. Others need to get together, and form one party that can actually make a difference. In order for our country to succeed in the direction we want, we need to remember that the people are free, and if they are not restricting your freedom, harming you, your family, or your property in any way, then leave them alone. Let homosexuals marry. If the Lord has a problem, he will deal with it in his time. After all, only God can judge. Take away all the guns and then only the criminals will have them. The government will have to take mine from my cold dead hands. And when they show up, they better have a meeting to decide who is going with me. Because some of them will be. Smoke, drink, be merry. Most importantly, be free. Our new party has to believe in term limits and be willing to push for them. Campaign finance reform too. If the person can't vote to reelect you, they can't give you money. And the amount needs to be restricted. Smaller government, less taxing, and more honesty. Tell us the truth. We are adults who can handle it. Trust us, we know things don't always go to plan. Most importantly is giving the power back to the people. Let the local and state governments decide what is right for their area. Stop messing with the peoples' freedom.

This one may have been long and boring. I am not sure yet. I need ideas from you. I may some of the answers, and you just might too. We put our heads together and get the ball rolling, we might just be able to help change the country. Thanks for sticking with me on this one. Next time, it will be something more amusing, or better ideas. The more I dive into this, the harder I find it is to come together on the right course of action.

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